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2023 Campaign


The 2023 Our Shoes campaign took place during the months of April & May. It was absolutely heartwarming to see so many schools and members of the public getting involved. A huge shoutout to the 350 schools that took part, dedicated your time and effort to make this campaign an absolute success! The enthusiasm and joy radiating from the kids was simply priceless!  


As a result of the this, over 20,000 pairs of shoes avoided landfill and are having a second life on the feet of township children in Southern Africa. Thousands of these children will now be able to attend school and extra curriculum sporting activities creating opportunities for their future well-being. This positive change will last a lifetime! Remember, it's these small steps that pave the way for a kinder and more inclusive future. Together, let's keep spreading love, empathy, and joy, one step at a time! 

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