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A pair of trainers needn’t cost the Earth

The shoe industry sells us a staggering 24 BILLON pairs of shoes globally EACH YEAR! This comes at a massive cost – not just to the consumers but also to the environment; if the shoe industry was a country, it would be classed as the 17th biggest polluter in the world. 


Because of the complex ways running shoes are constructed, and the array of synthetic materials needed to product them, it takes an astonishing 14kg of carbon dioxide (CO2eq) and 1398 litres of freshwater to get each pair to you (the consumer). 


Environmental and health impacts are high during material extraction and manufacturing, and they are nearly impossible to recycle with the complexity.  


For the average person's yearly shoe purchases that's  the equivalent of taking a 900km flight and drinking 8,000 (500ml) bottles of water at the same time!  


A typical pair of sports shoes has a carbon cost of 14kg of CO2.

A typical tree can absorb around 21 kilograms of CO2 per year.    
This makes the carbon offset for every 10 pairs of shoes donated and being given a second life, the equivalent of carbon dioxide taken out of the atmosphere by 14 mature trees per year. in addition saving almost 14,000 litres of freshwater. 


That's staggering!  

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