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OUR Shoes transforms ESG objectives into measurable actions  

We are in an era of reduced aid for developing countries. The UK alone has given 4.6 billion less

As such, more than ever, companies partnering with emerging charities and NGOs are providing vital resources when the causes they support are in Africa and the developing world.

By Supporting Our Shoes, companies can strive towards reducing inequality and increasing sustainable environmental solutions. Both of these are key elements of the UN's Sustainable Development agenda that every company should seek to work towards


It all starts with an act of kindness.  

Daniel Rodrigues, CEO, Wavecrest Networks

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We support the Sustainable Development Goals

Pre-loved, circular fashion isn't new, however, at Our Shoes, we believe we have a simple sustainable solution to the standard model. We see an improved environmental impact; and increased positive social impact in two countries, where a child gives and where a child receives.  

It is estimated more than 40% of textiles and footwear imported for reuse are unusable and go straight to waste. Extending the use phase of a pair of shoes, and knowing that the shoe's second-life isn't straight to land-fill is truly socially responsible.   

To learn more about our initiative and the progress being made please see our sustainability page

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