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Your school is taking part in the 2024 national Irish Our Shoes campaign. We'd love you to help us make a difference to the lives of children in the townships in Southern Africa.

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We need you to bring your children's pre-loved shoes to school on the dedicated day/days you school has organised for Our Shoes - it's as simple as that!


You just need to ensure that each pair of sports shoes you are donating are tied securely together by their laces or using a cable tie, making sure its tightened fully! The shoes have a long journey ahead of them and its really important they stay together.


If you have any further questions - just see our FAQ page which should give you answers.

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The NGOs we work with in Africa, use sports to get kids involved in education, hence we need sports shoes:


  • General sneakers/trainers 👟

  • Soccer/GAA/Rugby Boots ⚽🏉

  • General purpose shoes ❌


It’s really important to make sure we only get the correct type and condition of the shoes we need, otherwise we will end up a huge number of shoes that are unsuitable, which will present significant environmental and logistical challenges.

If shoes are a little dirty we would appreciate you giving them a wipe down. There is no restrictions on size, but we have noticed from other campaigns that kids feet grow so quickly, their shoes tend to be in better condition than older teenagers or adults.

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In previous campaigns some children have left notes for the children who will receive their shoes. It’s really thoughtful and creates a genuine warmth from both sides. If your child would like to join in, once they have written their note or drawn a picture, please pop the note securely inside the shoes.

ANY questions?

If you have any further questions - just see our FAQ page which should give you answers. Alternatively email us at 😀

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