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Have you completed your 2024 campaign? Are your donated shoes ready to be collected? please fill in the collection form to let us know you are collection ready. 




From Monday 22nd April you can let us know you are collection ready. Our courier partner will be collecting the shoes direct from your school door.

Once we know you are ready, collections can take place any day from Monday 29th April until Friday 10th May. Final date to let us know you are collection ready is 30th April. Let us know here!


Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 09.27.34.png

Quality Control: It's important to stress to parents the type and condition of the shoes we need, otherwise we will end up with a huge number of shoes that are unsuitable and which we will need to dispose of. It will be much more environmentally friendly to send any unsuitable shoes home again with the kids.

Shoes: Having just one shoe is worse than having none - we need pairs! You need to ensure that each pair donated by parents are tied securely together by their laces or using a cable tie, making sure it's tightened fully.


Packing: Your school’s donated shoes need to be packed in good condition cardboard boxes, with lids intact. Boxes need to be securely taped with broad packing or duck tape. Please also print and attach labels provided by our courier partner which they will provide after arranging a collection - first you need to let us know you are 'Collection Ready' using the collection button above.

ANY questions?

If you have any further questions - just see our FAQ page which should give you answers. Alternatively email us at 😀

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