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12,000 pairs of shoes set sail for South Africa

FINALLY – We have some REALLY REALLY good news

It’s been over 2 years since we collected an amazing 12,000 pairs of shoes from the length and breadth of Ireland.

By the start of March 2020 a huge team of volunteers had sorted and packed up all your donated shoes – enough to more than fill a 40 foot shipping container

Two weeks later, the world went into lockdown and the shoes with it

We were unable to get them moved to be prepared for shipping due to Covid restrictions.

More recently, we were in position to ship the shoes from Ireland, but South Africa was still in lockdown and our teams on the ground there were not in a position to accept the shoes for distribution. It was a very frustrating time for all.

So we are beyond excited to be able to let you know that the shipment is leaving Dublin port tomorrow bound for Cape Town.

We’d like to thank our partners for their instrumental part in this project; Parcel Motel for letting us use their locker boxes when collecting the shoes, and UPS Ireland for sponsoring the shipment to South Africa. We couldn’t have done it without their help.

We have not been totally at a loss over the Covid period. We have been in regular ongoing contact with the South African customs authority and have all the paperwork in place to import your donated shoes

We have also been working on the future of In My Shoes, more on that again.

We will keep you updated on the shoes shipment and share lots of images of the teams distributing them on the ground in Cape Town.

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