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Reflections On Our First Campaign

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

"Your generous donation impacted so many lives”

“These communities are of the poorest and your donation of boots made many children smile and brought joy to them through your acts of kindness”

“One of the community leaders broke down in tears when we told her of our plans with the shoes, as they have been plagued by gang violence over the last couple weeks”.

️ "We are incredibly grateful for the incredible ‘In My Shoes’ campaign; myself and the team were absolutely amazed when this massive shipment arrived”

️ “So much more needs to be done for these communities. I would like to appeal to you and your organisation to continue supporting these communities on a yearly basis so that we can continue to grow and impact so many more lives”

We got this feedback at the weekend from the two distributors of the shoes in Cape Town, the Gary Kirsten Foundation & Wynberg Boys' High School Soccer Team.

I’ve noted here before, sometimes a fairly simple idea can strike a chord. Particularly if it taps into the Irish tradition of giving to those in need.

The support we have received from schools, teachers, students and parents alike has been overwhelming. Working together you have made a real difference. It’s now very clear that giving even a little can mean so so much.

Cape Town might be ‘only’ 14,133 km away, but in many ways it is a different world for most of us.

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